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The 2 Much TV podcast: Bringing you custom songs about your fave shows since 2020

There’s a whole art to sync licensing in television. Music supervisors can make or break a show by curating the exact right mood for different scenes. Some shows, like Gossip Girl or The OC, were known for collecting some of the best music and launching the musical tastes of a whole generation. On the 2 Much TV podcast, we get a wild new spin on this by creating the best music for the show.

Sam Bielanski and Matty Morand, known musically as PONY and Pretty Matty, have created one of my favourite podcast concepts ever — diving into one episode of a different TV show every week with a guest, and then each writing a song about what they watched. It makes sense that I love it, because I love all of the music they release through both of their projects. But watching them churn out two hit singles every single week? Truly outstanding.

This week I had the absolute pleasure of being the guest on episode 55 where we discussed Game of Thrones, specifically “The Rains of Castermere” which is… a particularly traumatizing episode. Neither Matty nor Sam had watched GoT before, so this was their first deep dive into the show. Imagine starting with this episode?? I almost feel bad for making them jump in at this point. But the songs they wrote are genius and their commentary on the show had me howling through the whole 90 minutes. Give it a listen and subscribe to their Patreon!

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