Agent blå new 'Atopos' EP on Soft Sound Press

Agent blå give us a quick taste of “death pop” with Atopos EP

Agent blå said “absolutely not” to filler with their new 3-song EP, Atopos, out now via Kanine Records. It’s post-punk, indie pop, shoegaze, and available now on all streaming platforms.

If you didn’t feel the frustration and longing from the lyrics alone, the music will submerge you in it. It’s catchy and enjoyable in passing, but when you’re actively listening, the feeling of uneasiness creeps in. Every listen brings out another element of the music. The layers of guitars that seem to span miles, the twinkling percussion elements, the vocals that surround you. It’s an EP that deserves a dozen listens just to absorb it all.

Agent bla press photo 2020 - credit to Julia Foster

Photo credit: Julia Foster

You can follow Agent blå on Twitter & Instagram. But you can be extra supportive and pick up the EP on Bandcamp.

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