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Interview: Allegra followed inspiration to create “Do What I Want”

I’m sure we can all agree that the chaos and uncertainty of 2020 had a real impact on all of us. That didn’t stop UK artist Allegra from being able to share an uplifting message in her latest single “Do What I Want” and bring a little brightness to the end of a crazy year. I was able to ask her a few questions about the inspiration behind the uplifting song and fun filled video. Read on to hear what she had to say!

Do What I Want” is such a fun and motivational song. I love that you’re telling people to break out of the boxes and stereotypes they’ve been placed under. What different boxes have you felt you’ve had to break out of throughout your career?

A box that I’ve definitely had to break is being outside my comfort zone. Being in this industry you have to try a lot of new things and you have to learn to start trusting people. I think I definitely had to break out of that zone being in a glitter bath for my music video! I was surprisingly comfortable.

Are these different boxes what inspired you to write “Do What I Want”? Or was there another significant experience that inspired you to write this track? 

I think I was just tired of being told what to do and being told what’s right for me. Only I know what I want and what makes me happy. So I wanted to take charge of that 

The music video is such a fun addition to the song’s upbeat message. What inspired the idea for the video? 

There was definitely a lot of discussion on what image we wanted for the video. It was important for me to get it right because it’s such a powerful and personal message. I was lucky to have such a creative director, Rupert Bryan, and he brought it to life.

One of my favourite things in it was all the fun outfits! How do you feel your fashion choices in the video and day to day life relate to expressing who you are and your personality?

Trying on the clothes for this video was definitely an experience. Due to the pandemic my stylist was being careful, so all the clothes were sent to my front door and it felt like Christmas. I had to do it all by myself and send photos to my whole team but I was so happy with the outcome. I felt so comfortable  and confident on the days of shooting which meant that I could really perform. I feel like I’m still learning what my style is.

This song inspired me to sit and think about my dreams and what I could accomplish if I wasn’t afraid to fail. What crazy dreams would you go after if failure wasn’t a factor? 

To be honest, exactly what I’m pursuing now! My music. I want to share and inspire other girls to follow their own dreams no matter what!

Do What I Want” is such an empowering song. What things in your life empower you to do what you want? 

My friends definitely encourage me to do what I want, but I think my parents as well! They have always been super supportive of telling me to follow what inspires me. Sometimes when they say no to something silly that I want to do, it just makes me want to do it even more! 

Anything else you would like people to know about you or this track?

I think it’s just my drive and passion that makes me want to pursue my music even more. My music always has a message in it that I’ve had in personal experience. I just would like to be relatable but also inspirational to others.

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