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Interview: almost monday bottle California sunshine & serve it in songs

Do you ever hear a band and just know where they’re from? That’s how we felt about almost monday. From the moment we heard “sunburn” and “sun keeps on shining” — both positively radiating the warmth & laidback energy of California — we knew exactly what was in store. Group vocals like screaming in a rented convertible with your friends while driving the PCH, and groovy guitars that balance the line between day drinking and sun stroke. It’s an energy that can be replicated from elsewhere, but not with this kind of authenticity.

And it doesn’t stop there — the warmth & energy extends to their personalities as well. We had the honour of sitting down with Dawson, Cole & Luke when they visited Toronto for Canadian Music Week, just as they hit the milestone of one million monthly listeners on Spotify. And for a little something extra to celebrate… this marks SSP’s first in-person interview! As a site that launched in ~unprecedented times~, it feels fitting that our first sitdown was with a band that formed under the same conditions. Check it out below, then soak up the sun with a spin through their singles!

Listen to “sun keeps on shining”:

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