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Premiere: Amnita welcome us into their ambient universe with “Break You”

There are a billion different reasons why a song could stick with you long after you listen. Some twist the knife with lyrics that hit a little too close to home. Others are just so damn catchy, the earworm lasts a lifetime. Today’s track sticks with you for the entire universe it seems to create around you while it plays. That’s the magic of dream pop band Amnita and their new track “Break You”, premiering today right here on SSP. Listen to the track below.

All of this is not to say that “Break You” isn’t catchy. That chorus is going to be bouncing around the inside of my skull like a DVD screensaver for many years to come. But this track has its own atmosphere. You can almost feel the temperature and climate around you change. Between the way the instruments and vocals are layered, the vocal effects, and the way it’s all split between headphones… it feels like you’re engulfed by the song. Amnita is bringing a new level to dream pop, in which they literally turn our waking lives into a dream while we listen and float away.

The band had this to say about the meaning behind “Break You”:

‘Break You’ is the first song where we invited someone outside of our band into the creative process and finally broke out of the bedroom. Lyrically, it’s about the impulsion to socially isolate yourself in fear of hurting people or getting hurt, and the negative impact this can have on our lives.

amnita press photo 2020

Be sure to catch Amnita on tour this spring with Twentythreenineteen & nonfiction, and say hello on Twitter & Instagram!

Tour Dates

March 26 – Richmond, VA (link)
March 27 – Baltimore, MD
March 28 – Glassboro, NJ
April 1 – Amityville, NY
April 3 – Ottawa, ON (link)
April 5 – St Catharines, ON (link)
April 8 – Hamilton, ON
April 9 – Waterloo, ON
April 11 – London, ON

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