Anna Eisch - I Doubt He'll Ever Hear This

Anna Eisch shines on debut EP, I Doubt He’ll Ever Hear This

From the first time we heard Anna Eisch and her live acoustic version of “Monsoon”, we knew we loved her. It’s been over a year since that edition of Freshly Squeezed, and our love for her continues to grow with the release of her debut EP I Doubt He’ll Ever Hear This, out now.

An overview before you begin your listening experience.

Things kick off with the EP’s single, “Personal Problem,” which can legally only be described as a bop. The lyrics are destined to be in Instagram captions and Tumblr graphics, and the beat is light-hearted. It’s fun. A perfect choice to pull people in before knocking them down with the weight of their own feelings. “Contagious” keeps the energy high while picking up a moodier vibe. It’s merely foreshadowing for the pain we are rolling full steam towards.

“Ru(e)” takes us inward, stripping the instrumentals down and pressing on every exposed nerve. Or am I the only one with tears welling up right now? I personally feel like I need to apologize for our breakup after listening, despite like…. never dating Anna Eisch… that’s power. “On You” does NOT help. Despite stepping back into a more confident tone, I am now haunted by my own feelings. It makes me want to angry cry. Anna brings everything to a satisfying close on “Right Once I’m Over It” with a power ballad. A beautiful tightrope walk between the two energies set forth by the previous four tracks, the EP closes on such a confident note.

It’s hard to believe this is Anna’s first EP. Clocking in at 17 minutes, I recommend pressing play on I Doubt He’ll Ever Hear This and taking some time for yourself. Get comfy, check in with yourself and how you’re feeling, let Anna take you on your own personal emotional rollercoaster from the comfort of your home. You’ll thank me later.

If you aren’t following Anna Eisch on Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify… I guess that’s a personal problem.

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