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Arms Akimbo – “Pitchfork”

Oooooooh y’all, I can’t wait to tell you about this one. My Spotify “Discover Weekly” has been all over the place over the past 5 years. I listen to so many music submissions, I feel like it’s never fully tuned in to what I like (because I’m listening to… a lot of things). But this time, the streaming gods looked down on me and said “she deserves Arms Akimbo” and placed them right in my hands. I have been BLESSED, and now I am passing that blessing along to you.

In a weird twist of fate, I discovered “Cruel Lovers” literally ONE DAY before the band sent me their track, “Pitchfork”. You know what they say about manifesting things into your life? It’s real, dude. I’m living it.

Also, important note — why did the outro on this track hurt me SO BAD?? Was that necessary??

Need to play cause I can’t get your attention
Without a stage and at least a Pitchfork mention
A billion plays and a record deal in place
Say you’ll love me when I take the band on tour

I don’t know what I like most about Arms Akimbo. Everything in these tracks sounds perfect and clean and precise, without feeling sterile or boring. It reaches the point right before you say “okay, they can’t actually play like this live, it has to be post-production”. They’re just that good.

My new game plan for the year is to just listen to Arms Akimbo’s EP Seven Dollar Paycheck on repeat and see what else Spotify recommends me based off of that. Let me know what you’ve been listening to lately and in return… I will… make you listen to Arms Akimbo. 🤷‍♀️

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