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Artists To Watch At CMW 2019

Canadian Music Week (CMW) is coming up quick. Showcases have been announced, artists have begun promoting their set times, and I have started anxiously scheduling my week. It’s HECTIC because I already know I’ll be running through the streets trying to get from band to band, but it’s so worth it. Toronto comes alive during CMW.

However, with this many shows happening at once, you have to prioritize. You’re always going to miss something. I already know I’m missing Indian Handcrafts because I bought tickets months ago to see Citizen & Oso Oso on the same night, and I have to be okay with that.

So these are the artists I’m prioritizing at this year’s CMW.

Note: PLEASE go see Indian Handcrafts for me, I am so in love with them and I’ve been obsessed with this song specifically for like 7 years.

Fade Awaays

Fade Awaays - CMW 2019

I’ve been obsessed with these guys since the first time I listened to “Get Along” but I still have yet to see them live. Almost made it once, didn’t, started planning ahead to see them open for The Beaches at The Kee this summer… but now I’ve got another opportunity. I’ve been listening to “She Don’t Know Why” on a loop since their album came out in January and I highly suggest you do the same.

See Fade Awaays on May 10th (10pm) at the Horseshoe Tavern


Ferraro - CMW 2019

By coincidence, Michelle is actually the one that told me about these guys. I trust her music opinions, but I became transfixed on going to their show once I checked their Facebook page and found “little green ghouls” under their interests. Anyone who lives by the rules of Bird Law’s best lawyer has my respect. I mean, the music is absolutely the deciding factor (it’s fantastic) but… filibuster.

See Ferraro on May 8th (10pm) at the Horseshoe Tavern


RYLS // Photo by Ziyaad Haniff
Photo by Ziyaad Haniff

Y’all already know I love RYLS. They sent me their mashup of “Doomed” and “Gasoline” and I just immediately decided I loved them. Their EP live:love:lose is so strong, but I’ve already spoken at length on my feelings about it. You would be making a huge mistake to miss this set.

See RYLS on May 10th (9pm) at Cherry Cola’s

Jane’s Party

Jane's Party - CMW 2019

I feel like the universe put this band in front of me specifically so I’d be sure to see their CMW set. All at once, I got an email about them, saw them in an Indie88 article, saw them get retweeted onto my timeline, and found them on the CMW lineup. That’s… a sign, right? Like that’s the universe telling me I need to be there? I’m going to be there. I have enough fun jamming to their music in the car by myself, I can only imagine how it’ll be in a room full of people.

See Jane’s Party on May 8th (12am) at the Horseshoe Tavern


Kasador - CMW 2019

My friend Kate has been singing the praises of Kasador since the moment I met her, and I am absolutely buzzing to finally see them live. I’m hoping she comes up to Toronto for the show because it feels wrong to see them without her there to yell “I told you so” in my face the entire time. I am ready to dive into their entire Spotify catalogue and learn every word before I get there.

See Kasador on May 8th (9pm) at the Horseshoe Tavern

Who’s on your CMW 2019 list?

I’m sure I’ll be able to squeeze in a few (dozen) more sets. Who would you recommend?

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