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Guest Playlist: Au Gres shares what he listens to “At Home In The Dark”

Do you ever just hear a song and like… want to swim in it? Just be floating right through it, weightless and suspended in time. That’s how I feel about the latest single from Au Gres. “At Home In The Dark” is indie pop at its best, reaching that perfect balance between being cool to the indie kids and having potential to reach casual music listeners on mainstream radio. That perfect tightrope act where you can maintain your street cred but also make money off of your music (this would be a good “fun fact, actually really really sad fact” tiktok).

I love learning more about how artists find their sound and where their lifetime of inspiration and music appreciation comes from… y’know, all the songs they wish they’d written first. Au Gres (real name Joshua Kemp) met me on my own Aries level by making us a playlist of artists he’d steal from (love that energy). And honestly? Listening to it, I can hear the moments that got added to the potion that birthed the Au Gres project. But at the end of the day, his music is still so uniquely him.

“Artists to steal from” is a playlist inspired by artists and songs that have influenced the music I make. Most of these songs have an upbeat, pop structure to them, and all of them motivate me to become a better artist. I’ll continue to update this playlist as I’m constantly finding new things that inspire me, I hope it inspires you too.
– Au Gres

Check out the playlist below and be sure to add “At Home In The Dark” and “Nervous” to your own playlists!

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