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Au Gres new single “Nervous” makes us feel right at home

I’m always on the lookout for music that comes from my home state, so imagine my excitement when I found that Joshua Kemp, the creator of the up-and-coming indie pop project Au Gres, is a Michigan native himself. Au Gres — which began as a DIY project in a bedroom — now works with Social Recording Company, a private recording studio just south of Detroit, along with other Michigan native artists like Michigander and Leland Blue. “Nervous“, the first single released in October, seems to be a very promising start for this project.

After checking out this debut single, I was immediately hooked on the relaxing and easygoing beat that seems to completely contradict the track’s title. In fact, the entire concept of the song juxtaposes the title in a beautiful way. While the verses are full of haunting lyrics about anxiety that many can surely relate to, the chorus takes the song in a different direction. The song essentially explains the feeling of finding that one person that can take all of your anxieties away and makes you feel like you can truly be yourself when you’re with them. “Nothing about you makes me nervous” is such a simple, but pure lyric that speaks volumes about the relationship it describes.

Dreamy synth sounds paired with low-key guitar strumming portray the emotions described in the lyrics perfectly. The guitar riff that repeats throughout the song manages to be catchy, while still fitting in with the laidback vibe of the song. The track even contains a brief guitar solo that brings a new life to the final few choruses. The pop and rock elements of this track keep it upbeat enough to dance or nod your head to, while the lo-fi influence keeps it chilled out and calming.

After hearing this debut, I will definitely be keeping an eye on Au Gres for future releases and you definitely should too (especially if you happen to be a fan of artists like The Japanese House, COIN, and Best Coast).

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