Audrey Mika music video Excuses

Audrey Mika joins the ranks of pop royalty with “Excuses”

I feel like we’re currently living in a pop music renaissance. The pop girlies have been knocking it out of the park, reaching their peak and effortlessly floating there! Constantly! For the last two years or so, we’ve been swimming in earworms — which… sounds gross — and Audrey Mika provides us with no exception to the rule. Her latest single “Excuses” is a perfect slice of delicious pop, served up with an equally sweet video (which you can watch below).

I know it’s often said that people in California are ~fake~, but I didn’t realize it was to such a COVID-safe degree? These extras are a little stiff and emotionless, but I think they get the job done! Shoutout to Audrey for being the one artist who I didn’t see skirt guidelines to make cool content. She proves that it’s possible to be responsible and a pop icon at the same time. More videos like this mean we’re one step closer to seeing “Excuses” live in person when this whole mess is over, and I absolutely can’t wait.

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