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Premiere: AVIV confronts her mind in new video for “Lonely Bitch”

What’s worse: processing a tough breakup, or processing a toxic relationship with yourself? “Lonely Bitch”, the latest single from AVIV, could be taken either way depending on your own circumstances. If you’ve been through the loneliness that comes with a sudden separation from someone who filled a lot of your time, this song will definitely hit home for you. But if you’ve isolated yourself from friends and let your brain convince you you’re not good enough, for reasons you can’t fully comprehend? Yeah, this song might be calling you out too. We’re so excited to be premiering the new video for “Lonely Bitch” for you today on Soft Sound Press. You can watch it below, and check out AVIV’s new merch if you want to rep your lonely bitch lifestyle and support a young artist at the same time.

The video has a very familiar quality to it. It makes sense, seeing as AVIV carries a nostalgic vibe in both her music and the visuals that accompany them. But this video took a walk down to a forgotten storage closet in my brain and looked wayyyy in the back to fact-check how I felt when I first watched Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” video in 2011. Then it replicated the emotion created by combining new footage with old clips that channel the same feeling, and pulled me straight into AVIV’s dream world.

At only fourteen years old, AVIV has created a track that can resonate with any age group. Singing with a wisdom that usually comes from a few decades on this earth, I can only imagine what she has in store for us in the years to come.

Watch the video for “Lonely Bitch”:

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