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Bad Waitress delivers sweet sweet terror on “Strawberry Milkshake”

There’s no band alive that makes me feel as powerful as Bad Waitress. Their brand of art punk gives off the energy of like… the Kanker Sisters from Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy hopping in the car to go smack mailboxes off their posts with a baseball bat at highway speeds. Their new single “Strawberry Milkshake” is a strong indication that they’ve not yet hit their peak, and their upcoming debut album is bound to change my life. No Taste will be out September 3rd via Royal Mountain Records.

Bassist Nicole Cain summed up my own feelings better than I could:

“It’s good to listen to when you’re walking alone at night. I get really anxious, but I feel powerful when I listen to this album, like I’m fucking untouchable. It’s basically a self-defense album.”

Like… if I didn’t know she said this, I could believe I wrote this down last night before going to sleep. This new single especially gives the impression that the band has learned some sort of sonic science or witchcraft, underlaying a sonic tone that overrides anxiety signals to the brain. I feel nothing but rage and power. The guitar and bass riffs are mind melting, and the vocals have an unprocessed quality that makes you feel like you were in the room while they recorded (in the absolute best way).

And to top it all off, the band partnered with director Justin Singer to create an absolutely cinematic music video that really shows off just how bad of a waitress they really are.

Watch the video for “Strawberry Milkshake”:

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