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Capital Theatre inspire love at first listen with “Force to Fight”

I’m a big believer of love at first listen, when you hear the first notes of a song and know instantly that it’s something you’re going to love. I experienced it when I heard “Force to Fight,” the latest single from New Zealand based band Capital Theatre

The opening drum and guitar sequence are enthralling and this alone had me on the hook for the duration of the song. Followed by a solid bass-line as a lead into the first verse, this track has all the elements of a solid rock hit. Musically, the thing I loved most about this song was how from start to finish the band does a phenomenal job of taking us on a musical high and low journey. The song begins with an explosive rhythmic opening and then mellows out through the first verse, only to hit you again with a heavy guitar and drum based chorus. This continues through the duration of the song as it transitions from each verse and back to chorus. Also, they throw in a killer guitar solo that solidifies this track as a rock hit. 

“Force to Fight” is the first single to be released off of the band’s upcoming debut album. It’s set to be a concept album that follows the journey of a hero through different moments in their life. “Force to Fight” will be the seventh track on a ten track album, and is the peak of this journey. 

If you enjoy this track, make sure to check out the music video. Taking place in the center of a boxing ring, this video depicts some epic fights between the world’s most controversial opposers. The band chose to release the video on US election day, even though the band is based in New Zealand, because of the commentary it provides on issues that we face worldwide and that are largely depicted every day on social media. 

Whether you’re looking for a new rock jam to add to your playlist, or a creative music video to get the gears in your mind turning, “Force to Fight” is a solid option on both fronts. 

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