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Certainty – “Temporary Love”

Ever since Certainty released “Headaches” earlier this summer, I’ve been dying to see what their first full length album, Temporary Love, had in store for us. It’s finally out and honestly… it checks all the boxes of everything I could have possibly wanted, plus adds a few things I would have never thought to even ask for.

How sick is it when a band can release an album that spans multiple genres, but each song still sounds so perfectly them? And so cohesive? “Headaches” made me think they were going in a more pop rock direction, but it goes everywhere. “Seed (Rosemarie)” reminds me of Honor Society, “Liars Dice” goes in a more post-hardcore direction. “Temporary Love” has a feature from Counterparts’ Brendan Murphy if that tells you anything.

And not to bring up a cursed band, but I’ve been searching for songs to replace Br*nd N*w in my library for the last two years. “Hands” replaces a very specific niche of their songs that I haven’t been able to find yet, so it’s about to get a TON of airplay in my car. And also like, everywhere else I go.

This is a no skip album. No matter what mood you’re in, there’s something on here that’s perfect for how you’re feeling. I’d suggest going through and seeing how many playlists you can find homes for these songs on (it’s like… all of them).

Certainty - Temporary Love

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