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Premiere: Charlotte Bumgarner floats in love & fury on “Red With Love”

Have you ever experienced an emotion so strong, you can’t even pinpoint what it is? I think many of us (myself included) have mistaken adrenaline and excitement for attachment — maybe you too have seen someone in passing once and planned your entire future with them, down to the type of swaddles you’ll put on the baby shower registry? Charlotte Bumgarner debates whether she’s in love, or more possibly swimming in anger, on her new single “Red With Love“. We have the honour of premiering it for you this morning on SSP!

This track marks the third and final track in Charlotte’s single series, which will be followed by her debut album later this year. Her sound is like if everyone in emo had to blend their folk side projects in with their main band. A perfect infusion of the two, “Red With Love” makes me mad in a slower way… does that make sense? I get the same connection and catharsis that I usually get from emo music, but the calmness of the instrumentals cause me to not realize I’m there until the feeling fully sets in. If I’m not fully paying attention, I can get through almost the full song before I want to start yelling “always told me not to cry // unless it was over you // then it was alright” back at the stage with some good old fashioned finger pointing. Potentially the closest we’ll ever get to emo music that our parents will also enjoy listening to. Truly a gift to us all.

Listen to “Red With Love”:

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