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Chase Atlantic – “DON’T TRY THIS” EP

Chase Atlantic… I’d like to start this with an apology. I’m sorry my last two brain cells got confused by the plethora of “Atlantic” bands on the market and just assumed you were pop punk. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to your last album right away because I thought I already had (it was Stand Atlantic). I’m sorry I’m DUMB dumb.

But the thing is, your DON’T TRY THIS EP has been out for nearly a month and I’ve already listened to it — and I want to be entirely accurate here — at least 6000 times. I can’t turn it off. It’s perfect.

So in case you’re riding the same ignorant wave I have been, let’s talk about Chase Atlantic. First off, we’ve got another band here proving my “the best music right now is coming out of Australia” theory, which I appreciate. Their EP could be described as… dark eerie alt R&B? Could that be a thing? Let’s make it a thing.

DON’T TRY THIS is on the same God Tier for me as Halsey’s Room 93. It’s just long enough that I’m hooked, and just short enough that it leaves me craving more music ASAP.

As a nice little added bonus, I got to ask Chase Atlantic a couple questions about the new EP, their jam-packed 2018, and what they’ve got planned for us in the future.

Chase Atlantic press photo by Jordan Knight
Photo by Jordan Knight

First off, congrats on the release of DON’T TRY THIS! It’s insanely catchy & vastly unsettling. The lyrics are full of references to drug use & the rock star lifestyle (shoutout Stoney), but it neither glorifies nor vilifies it. What’s the message you hope your audience takes from this EP?

I don’t think there has to be a message to take away from every record. IF we had to have one, it would be the message in the title: ‘Don’t Try This.’ If people take our lyrics too seriously, that’s really on them. People can put barriers on what you can and can’t say if they want to, but doesn’t that completely go against the idea of music?

What was the process like creating DTT compared to past releases?

Lots more travelling in this release. We didn’t really spend any time at home or in LA. So, the EP was recorded throughout Warped Tour and our headline tours, in places like Europe and the U.K., as well as Australia and America.

Is this EP a taste of what’s to come on the full length later this year or should we be prepared for something else entirely? Or is it too soon to say?

We are always changing our sound, so I would say it’s too soon. But, you’ll find out soon enough.

In the past year, you’ve toured nearly nonstop and played all the best festivals from Reading & Leeds to Bonnaroo to Pukkelpop. What big milestones are on your list for 2019?

Chart the new album, and sell out a 2,000+ capacity venue.

With so much already under your belt, what’s one moment that really stands out to you as your favourite accomplishment?

Winning the “AAA Up-And-Coming Artist Award” (American Australian Association). To be recognized not only by America, but our home country for what we are doing is very special to us.

What artists are you feeling inspired by currently, or are there any new artists that you’re excited about?

Travis Scott is always very inspiring to watch. He is very chaotic in his approach to music and his visuals. I think he can perfectly translate what is going on in his mind.

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