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Chase Atlantic – “PHASES”

After releasing one of my fave EPs in January (which you can read about here), Chase Atlantic is back with their new album PHASES. I’m so excited that it’s finally time to publicly rave about this. I’ve had it in my inbox for the last month and I’ve been listening borderline obsessively. Click play on “INTRO” and let’s dive in.

When I spoke to the band about their EP, they told me not every album had to have a message and “if people take our lyrics too seriously, that’s really on them.” Despite this desire to seemingly release music without their audience taking something away from it, PHASES absolutely goes in further on the messages explored on DON’T TRY THIS.

On DON’T TRY THIS, the lyrics reference drug use & the rock star lifestyle while neither glorifying nor vilifying it. It just kind of accepts that it’s happening and talks about it in a candid way. On PHASES, you feel more regret. More pain. You see more of the negative side of the lifestyle as they become more well known.

I guess you can choose to willfully ignore the warnings within the music, but it’s a great snapshot into the dark side of fame. And as someone who worries about industry friends who get too deep into ~the life~, it’s cathartic to listen to. Just to remind me I’m not totally paranoid and these things do get out of control, no matter how much fun they claim to be having.

Fave songs right now? I think my top three are “ANGELS”, “HEAVEN AND BACK”, and “I NEVER EXISTED.” Honestly that list already changed since I posted about it on Instagram two days ago, so it’s subject to change again at any moment. The whole album is so consistently good, any of the songs could be contenders. Who knows. All I know is I plan to stream this album into oblivion before their show in Toronto later this month.

Chase Atlantic press photo 2019

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