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Step into the purple light with Cloe Wilder in “Call Me If You Need Me”

If you’re not a fan of the color purple, you are now after watching Cloe Wilder’s music video for “Call Me If You Need Me,” her latest single. Released on Oct. 21, the video features Wilder decked out in glitter and oozing with confidence while highlighted by a purple-pinkish light. 

Wilder’s airy vocals paired with synth-pop beats are a match made in heaven. This combination creates a bop worthy of being played at a roller skating rink, or at home, with colored lights changing, matching to the tempo of the single. Imagine playing this song while driving around at sunset or taking a stroll in the city. The vibes here are immaculate! 

In the video, Wilder is seen at a phone booth (remember those?). She might be expecting a call from a certain someone. Could it be the ex she is singing about? Perhaps she’s waiting for a call from you! A fun easter egg to the single is that you can leave a personalized message to Wilder at 877-791-CLOE and let her know your thoughts on the song! 

Being the angel that she is, Wilder performed an acoustic version of “Call Me If You Need Me” in a livestream along with “It’s True,” “You & Lonely,” “Crying When I Shouldn’t,” a cover of The Killer’s “Mr. Brightside,” her unreleased track “I Wanna Be Alone With You,” ”Call Me If You Need Me” again (it really is that bop!), a cover of Conan Gray’s “Heather,” and a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Style.” If you missed out on this wonderful opportunity, you can check it out here

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