Cool Heat promo photo 2020

COOL HEAT “Step Out” with new single

When the restrictions lift and I can leave my house to go anywhere without fear, this is the song I’ll play. COOL HEAT has created the ultimate song for rejoining society** with “Step Out,” out now via Green Witch Recordings.

This synth-heavy track puts me in a trance state while listening. I find myself feeling almost like I’m being talked through a meditation session. The combination of the synths and simple bass line bring a sense of peacefulness with them. The bridge brings me back down to earth in time to enjoy the final chorus. What a perfect track for settling into fall. You can pre-order the COOL HEAT EP now on Green Witch’s website.

Cool Heat promo photo 2020

**Although I’m sure “going to a concert after COVID” wasn’t the intention behind the track, it’s fitting. Although “promise I’ll get better in the fall” was uh… the goal and we missed it by a mile.

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