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Crystal Joilena electrifies with new single “I’ll Never Let Us Die”

Dark pop artist Crystal Joilena is based in New York City and describes herself as “an artist who creates music with fantasy elements bound by no genres.” At an early age, the singer/songwriter found inspiration in the musical The Phantom of the Opera. The Broadway production sparked her passion for music — she later discovered her love for metal and joined several bands in her teen years. However, these projects met their eventual demise since the other members didn’t possess the same passion for music as Crystal did. They never took music seriously and viewed the endeavor only as a hobby. This led to her changing directions and breaking out on her own as a solo artist.

She places a dark pop spin on her music covers and sets herself apart with her creative versatility; crafting emotive lyrics and ethereally haunting tracks that spellbound her audience, transporting them to another world with her siren-like vocal presence. 

Crystal captured the attention of Motionless In White’s frontman Chris “Motionless” Cerulli — earning her a captivating feature on the reimagined “Eternally Yours” of the Another Life / Eternally Yours: Motion Picture Collection in 2020. This achievement was a dream come true for the Australian vocalist since Motionless is cited as one of her major influences and inspirations for her artistry. Following the release of her collaboration with the Scranton metalcore band, she dropped her EP Numb Until Further Notice — composed of four tracks that beautifully encapsulates her “genreless” attribute. 

She is now unveiling the first single from her debut album. “I’ll Never Let Us Die” is a mesmerizing track that cries out in urgency with every singular note, from the very moment the swooping guitar riffs and drum beats kick in. Pleading for a love to survive, Crystal earnestly promises “If we just stay alive / I’ll never let us die.”

The infectious chorus soars with her relentless spirit and unwavering determination, steadily building up to a vulnerable, emotionally-wrenching bridge:

“If I could write a thousand songs to tell you how I feel / I’d give it all up to prove to you that it’s real.”

Every ounce of desperation is felt within that line; she’s willing to do anything to salvage this connection. The electrifying “I’ll Never Let Us Die” is Crystal’s best work so far, and a strong indication of a powerhouse record that’s yet to come. With every new track reveal, Crystal exhibits her diversity as an artist and proves that she truly is a compelling force to be reckoned with.

Listen to “I’ll Never Let Us Die”:

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