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Dermot Kennedy adds new layers to “Without Fear” with “The Complete Edition”

Dermot Kennedy has released Without Fear (The Complete Edition), following the release of his hit 2019 album Without Fear. Among other new additions, this new collection features the single “Giants”, live versions of “All My Friends”, “Outnumbered”, and “The Corner”, a cover of Van Morrison’s “Days Like This”, and the first recorded release of fan-favourite “The Killer Was A Coward.”

This recorded version of “The Killer Was A Coward” is right at home alongside Without Fear. The song — and the album — feel full of hope among heartbreak. Kennedy’s soulful voice is strong from the first note, but grows in the song’s bridge as the recorded studio versions on the collection come to an end.“Sorrow’ll be finding me no more / When you’re coming home now”, the perfect lyric as the album comes to a close before moving into the live recordings and covers. 

Without Fear as a whole is an album that feels cathartic from start to finish, and this Complete Edition to finish off the album cycle is no different. The cover songs and live recordings both give fans something new to enjoy about the album, and the newly recorded version of “The Killer Was A Coward” is a gift to those who have long loved the song.

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