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Dylan Cartlidge ditches our reality with “Yellow Brick Road”

Yeah, honestly, I might not mind ditching our reality for a few minutes either. I think Dylan Cartlidge is onto something with his interplanetary joyride of a video for “Yellow Brick Road,” out now via Glassnote Records.

This video is a few months old now, but the full Yellow Brick Road EP was released in August. It’s such a quick listen, I keep feeling like I’m missing songs or listening on shuffle. But no! It’s just short enough to leave me absolutely desperate for more music.

I think “Cheerleader” is probably my fave of the three right now. But the energy condensed into these 10 minutes? Unbelievable. It’s how I imagine it feels to have a friend drive up to your house and yell “GET IN, JUST GET IN” and then… what? Some sort of high stakes adventure, no one knows. That’s the level of thrill wrapped into these tracks. Those bass lines make me feel alive, and the talent behind this EP is undeniable.

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Paige Williams

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