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Premiere: DYLYN offers up sonic pain relief with new single, “Hurt”

Pain is universal. We’ve all been hurt, and I think it’s safe to say we’ve also all taken it out on the wrong people — those who didn’t inflict it upon us in the first place. On her new single “Hurt“, DYLYN dives into the myriad ways that our lives can lead us to the depths of our lowest lows, and the longing to take that pain away from those we love. We’re excited to be sharing the premiere of both the song and its video here with you today!

Delivered in her usual alt-rock style, DYLYN perfectly recreates the frantic feeling of deep emotional pain in such a way that feels both accepting of its existence and supportive in dealing with it. The layers of vocals bounce around your head like an inner voice, while the driving guitars and punchy drums work out your demons better than any rage room ever could. And you wouldn’t be wrong to hear a hint of Mother Mother’s stylings in here — frontman Ryan Guldemond produced and co-wrote the track.

DYLYN had this to share about the song:

Everyone has gone through seasons in their life where they’ve hit all-time lows. The idea of ‘who hurt you babe?’ – who hasn’t been hurt? Who hasn’t felt like crawling in a hole? Had their heart broken? I’ve certainly felt that way. There are so many external factors in life that put us in this space. Society. Relationships. Our inner voice. These moments make us who we are. The song is a reminder that it isn’t a bad thing to be a little jagged. We learn the most from the pain.


Watch the video for “Hurt”:

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