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easy life spiced up our Wednesday with new album festivities

Wednesday is typically my least favourite day of the week. You’re right in the middle of corporate America’s regularly scheduled programming, the weekend longingly peeking over the horizon in each direction, hardly in view either way you turn. You have days between you and a break so you’re forced to trudge onward. But this Wednesday will I think be forever known as the “most kick-ass Wednesday in the history of ever” because I got to check something uber cool off my bucket list: attending a virtual press conference with easy life ahead of their new album, Life’s A Beach (out everywhere tomorrow!)

I got to put my “normal life” on pause for an hour in the middle of this particular Wednesday and take a real solid step into the music industry. I snuck into the back office at work, stuffed my headphones in my ears and logged on to the Zoom call that would lead me face to virtual face with not only a handful of other industry professionals and press outlets, but the front man of a band that has over 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Mind blown is the understatement of a century when trying to describe the way I felt in that moment.

I stumbled upon the UK based indie funk quintet one weekend while binge watching I May Destroy You (special thanks to the teaser episode of Euphoria that roped me into ‘accidentally’ forgetting to cancel my HBOMax subscription…). I literally Shazam’d the song “nightmares” when it played during the show, I instantly fell in love with the almost beachy vibe it gave. It’s been a staple in my ‘summertime’ playlist ever since. This seemingly mundane, completely irrelevant sequence of events just happened to land me a spot in this album release press conference.

Murray Matravers, the voice behind the group, answered a lot of really incredibly thought out questions dealing with the release of their upcoming debut album Life’s a Beach which drops May 28. We delved into the process he and the rest of the band went through writing the tracks included on the album, and the intricacies of trying to film a single-take music video… with a HORSE… on Deptford Street in South London… during the middle of a global pandemic. He was incredibly personable, taking the time to provide some genuine insight into the inner workings of making music and just life in general. We touched on some seemingly unrelated topics as well like wtf is TikTok anyway, what life was like growing up on an organic farm, and again… that horse. 

Honestly, being a part of this press conference was an incredible experience that just made me that much more excited for the release of this album on Friday. Getting to hear first hand what went into its making, from the front man of the band himself as he sat in his studio in South London was hands down one of the coolest things I’ve ever had the privilege of doing. I highly suggest jumping on the bandwagon to the easy life and checking these guys out, and taking the time to listen to the album in its entirety (and don’t forget the rest of their discography, because they have some super vibey tracks out already that shouldn’t be forgotten) as encouraged by Murray himself. But for now, while life may be a beach most Wednesday’s, this one turned out pretty freaking rad.

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