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Elliot Lee – “Dirt”

Sometimes you find a song that makes you stop dead in your tracks and wonder how you lived before you found it. Elliot Lee just about stopped my heart with “Dirt”. Watching fans come up as artists to claim the music industry as their own feels like watching the proletariat rise up to overthrow the government (or Area 51, I guess).

The first thing I’d like to point out is that Elliot has like… the prettiest artist website I’ve ever seen in my life. It reminds me of Polly Pockets but like, specifically the vintage ones. I love it.

But back to the music… I’m always astounded when young artists are able to create songs that are super catchy, meaningful, and unique. Like how are you already doing all of that? When I was your age, I scrolled through Tumblr for hours until I finally caught up to where I left off at 4am the night before. You’re being productive?!

As soon as I clicked play on this song for the first time, I just had this feeling like Tyler Joseph was in the room. And then I noticed that Elliot is a Twenty One Pilots fan and it all came together. You just like… *feel* the connection. It doesn’t sound at all like a Twenty One Pilots song, but you can feel their spirit.

There’s just so much to love here. The production is super cool, the song is unique, the lyrics are punchy and powerful. Everything about it is a knockout ~in my humble opinion~.

I think we’re about to see some crazy things happen as the internet generation of music fans start to take over the artist side of the industry too. So many artists don’t understand social media or only want to focus on the art. We know how to connect with people online, we know what fans like to see/do/experience, and we’re used to flexing our creative muscles to stand out in the crowd. Fans… are so powerful. And Elliot Lee is the perfect example of how they’re going to take over the world.

If you want to listen to Elliot Lee’s new track along with a bunch of other songs I think are cool right now, follow this playlist!

Elliot Lee - Dirt

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