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Premiere: Emmet MacLellan assures us that everything will be “Fine” (and we believe them)

Everyone has their own indication that spring is on its way. For some, it’s seeing the first robin of the season. For others, it’s the buds on the trees. For us this morning, it’s hearing the new single from Emmet MacLellan. They somehow capture the feeling of new growth and fresh starts perfectly through bright guitars and subtle harmonies. We’re so excited to be premiering their track “Fine” for you today on SSP!

“Fine” shares the laidback, lively energy of the East Coast that I think explains why so many Torontonians dropped everything to move there in the last year. Even amidst turmoil and breakdowns in the lyrics, the overwhelming feeling that it’s all going to be okay pervades. And honestly, who out of us couldn’t use an extra dose of that energy right now? Emmet shared some of their thoughts with us about the track, and the inspiration behind it:

This song is about wanting to escape, codependency, and repressed anger fuelling the ego/subconscious mind.  It is emotionally chaotic lyrically and peppy at the same time. (Because everything is fine.)

“Fine” is now available wherever you stream music.

Listen to “Fine”:

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