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Premiere: Empty Heaven muses on emotional labour with new double video

I think at some point in time, we’ve all been an emotional vampire in someone’s life. Constantly requiring reassurance or a listening ear, but unable or unwilling to offer the same in return. You feel people getting sick of hearing about every negative detail from your day, but the words come tumbling out of you nonetheless. I say this from a place of self-reflection; I know I’ve made myself comfy in that role more than once in my life. Empty Heaven contemplates the feelings that come up as the emotional vampire’s meal in “When I Knew You // Don’t Wanna Know You.” We’re honoured to be premiering the lyric video — illustrated by Dawn Lorence — today on SSP.

The two tracks are loosely based on a story by Sartre called “Intimacy,” reflecting on the people in your life who drain you of your energy and never replenish it with anything positive. Of course, there are always situations that can call for needing support and being unable to provide it in return. But when it goes on indefinitely with the same person shouldering the weight, that’s when it can become an issue, as evidenced by the lyrics to these two sister tracks.

The energy of this song takes me back to when I first discovered the power of slam poetry through Button Poetry on YouTube. I was so used to the more formal style taught in high school English classes, my whole worldview shifted when I dove into what people my age were creating and performing. Listening to these tracks from Empty Heaven… it’s so honest and raw, it feels like pressing directly on an exposed nerve. Each line sends a jolt through my body and makes me feel — pain for the times I’ve been emotionally taken from, and guilt for the times I’ve done the taking.

Especially after such a difficult year, and with more difficult months on the horizon, this song can be a catalyst for reflection and growth, if you’re ready.

Watch the video for “When I Knew You // Don’t Wanna Know You”:

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