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Eves Karydas drops all-female written & produced single “Get Me So High”

Continuing to rank high on new pop charts this year, talented pop singer Eves Karydas released her new single “Get Me So High” this week along with a striking music video. Australia native and indie-pop queen Karydas started making it big when she opened for George Ezra in 2019, wooing Ezra fans as she danced around the stage to her electric pop bangers. The new single is the second this year, following the release of “Complicated” in June. “Complicated,” being the first new song of hers in two years, quickly reached #5 on the Shazam Chart and #17 on the National Radio Chart. It was also listed on BBC Radio 1’s Best New Pop playlist and featured on the hit US TV show The Bold Type.

Fans anticipate that her newest single might rise up to those hit levels as well. Not only does “Get Me So High” bring us Scandipop-inspired catchy melodies and funky bass, but it was written by Karydas in Stockholm with an all-female production team. Yes, ALL female! That is something we don’t see too often and it is refreshing to see, as women in the music industry continue to be way underrepresented. 

Quirky and honest lyrics drive the song’s relatable narrative of being lost in the emotions of wanting someone so bad despite the lows, allowing someone we’ve fallen for to dictate our moods in pursuit of the highs. 

Karydas spoke of the track, saying, “Someone once said to me ‘being in love is like being given drugs for free.’” At the time, Karydas says she was experiencing a lack of peace in her current relationship due to relying on the guy to make her happy, something many of us have experienced in our own romantic lives at one point or another. She said, “It clouded my vision and I made poor decisions. I think I needed to write this song to hold myself accountable in a way.”

As if the catchy song wasn’t enough to exceed our expectations, we were graced with an aesthetic music video for “Get Me So High” as well. Beautiful film style visuals in the accompanying video transition from dreamy black and white shots of Karydas alone to cinematic color shots of her and a love interest. Blurry effects and shadows evoke the feeling of being high or clouded and represent the lows of such a relationship; light changes, flashes of color, and camera tilts emphasize the tune’s upbeat nature while illustrating the highs. 

While pop music isn’t for everyone, the music video is pure art and this song verges on being iconic. It may just be the next song you can’t get out of your head, whether you like it or not.

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