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Fade Awaays – “As They Do”

Fade Awaays are one of the Toronto bands I’m most excited about, and have been since last fall. I still have yet to see them live, just due to like… some sort of witch’s curse that has plagued me. But I’m hoping to reverse that soon. In the meantime, I’ve been listening to “As They Do” a lot more than most would deem necessary.

The band released their Taste of Life EP back in January and it hasn’t left my playlists since then (I’ve included the video for my fave track below in case you missed it). This new track is just… so cool. A long time ago, I said they sounded like someone I would have stumbled upon at Reading Festival five years ago, and I still think that’s true. They’re so tuned in to the cool rock sounds coming out of the UK right now, and the new psychedelic vibes on “As They Do” really work for them.

These guys are still so young, I know it’s only up from here. They’re already fantastic but with so much time to keep learning and growing, I can’t even imagine where they’ll end up.

If you’re a Toronto dweller like myself, you should know that they have shows coming up in Muskoka, Toronto, and Brampton. I will… uhhhh most likely find myself at all of them, if possible. Would love some company if you’d care to join me.

If you want to listen to Fade Awaays’s new track along with a bunch of other songs I think are cool right now, follow this playlist! If you’re looking specifically for more Ontario music… I’ve got you covered too.

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