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FEVER 333 releases WRONG GENERATION, a call out for change

There’s no doubt that we live in a very strange time. With a global pandemic and a myriad of social issues presented to us every day, it’s no wonder it’s become a focal point in an industry with a history of shedding light on things most people find hard to discuss. WRONG GENERATION, the latest body of work from FEVER 333, is exactly that. The EP calls out for change and the education required to do so, topics that are prevalent in today’s society. This was my first introduction to the band and I can say with full confidence it won’t be my last. WRONG GENERATION perfectly combines angsty vocals and hard hitting instrumentals with controversial lyrics that call out to the listener to fight hard for change and what they believe in.

If you’re looking to spark that something inside of you that’s passionate about changing the world we live in, WRONG GENERATION is the right place to ignite that fire. “They’ll do it over and over until we bite back” lyrics from the opening track “BITE BACK” preach to the listener and tell them that until we fight for ourselves, we will never come out on top. As a society, we are coming to a true turning point. This generation has the power to come together as one and be the change that we so desperately need. As the band phrases it in the title track, “you fucked with the wrong generation.”

The band reached out to their fans via social media to warn that this compilation of songs means much more than just giving you something to rock out to. Rather, they are hoping we can use music and lyrics to come together as a generation and fight for change in order to live in a world where we all feel safe and welcome. Where we have the freedom to express who we are each and every day. If you’re looking to get fired up about your future and the change you can create, give WRONG GENERATION a listen and let the music fuel your fire.

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