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Premiere: Frank Mighty’s Hotline embraces alone time on “Freak”

It’s funny the habits and quirks you lean into in isolation, when there’s no one there to tell you it’s weird or make you feel like you have to be presentable. Toronto indie rock artist Frank Mighty’s Hotline welcomes us to accept all these parts of ourselves and celebrate them. We’re excited to be premiering his latest song, “Freak” this morning on SSP.

“Freak” was written earlier in lockdown over FaceTime. It delves into the various stages of reaching self acceptance and embracing time by yourself. And it’s wild how much different you can be when you’ve been alone for a while. I know I’m not the same person I was before the first lockdown, and I think I like myself more now that I ever have. Maybe it’s just from not having to mask certain elements of my personality or work to connect with others, but it feels so good to be every single unapologetic part of myself 24/7. I honestly didn’t even realize how much of me was just things I did to cope with feeling uncomfortable socializing. Frank Mighty’s Hotline wants us to embrace the fact that we’re all freaks, and I’m 100% in. This is the first track off his upcoming EP, whispersongs, which I hope brings more of these positive self-love affirmations into my day.

Listen to “Freak”:

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