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FRESHLY SQUEEZED #1 – Oso Oso, Emily Wolfe, Rome Hero Foxes + more

Having a “best of the month” playlist only works if you update it once a month. I don’t adhere to things like ~schedules~ because I’m ~useless~. And that brings us to Freshly Squeezed. This is whatever I’m currently listening to at the time of posting. Could be something new, could be something that’s just new to me, could be something I just rediscovered. Who’s to say? Just dive in and find something cool.

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Logan Prescott – WLN

Earlier this year, I really got into LANY but the lyrics felt like… gaslight-y? I love the music SO much but I get this uneasy feeling in my chest if I listen too hard. Logan Prescott has that same vibe, but without the moral dilemma. And goddamn is this song fun. He records everything himself in his home studio and I respect anyone who can put everything together themselves and do it well. I respect them even more when the song is catchy as all hell.

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Emily Wolfe – Holy Roller

Love some old school rock n roll, and Emily Wolfe is doing it in the best way. I included a live performance above instead of an official music video/audio because just… watch it. It sounds almost identical to the recording, but with that extra oomph of seeing it all happen before your eyes.

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I started listening to this song and felt like… that voice sounded so familiar… and then I realized IT’S HARRISON KIPNER (who sings “Heaven And Lemon“, one of my all time favourite songs)!! If you find yourself thinking this song sounds more down tempo than my usual recommendations… just wait until the 40 second mark please. Staving off my seasonal depression by ignoring Spotify’s cries of “this is already on your playlist!!” and loading it up 6 times on each of them.

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Raised On TV – Soul on Fire

This song reminds me of something specific, but I’ll be damned if I could figure out what it is. Is it a song from the 90s? A commercial? We just don’t know. Despite the agonizing mystery, I still listen to this song and enjoy it for what it is and not what I seem to remember it may have been before. If you like 90s rock, you’ll probably love this too.

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Oso Oso – Charlie

I’ve been listening to Oso Oso’s new album basking in the glow a ton lately, and I think “Charlie” is my fave track (for now). I love new emo rock that fills in the gaps for bands I no longer listen to, but doesn’t feel dated or like it’s trying to be those bands. Oso Oso is just such a great band, I’ve been waiting for this album so impatiently and I’m ecstatic that it’s finally out. Wait for 2:54 as well and feel the energy change. I LOVE IT.

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Rome Hero Foxes – B.S.F.B.D.

I LOVE ROME HERO FOXES!! This song is so beautiful and I love it so much!! And the video, my god!! It’s all just so… soothing and wonderful. I found them through following their manager Sofi on Twitter and being nosy, and honestly I’d be nosy less often if it didn’t have such a high pay off rate. I always find something cool. This is one of my fave finds of the summer, hands down. They’re coming to Hamilton later this month and I will turn down ANY other plans to make sure I’m there.

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Noah Cyrus – July

This song almost made me post a YouTube cover for the first time since like…. 2012. That’s powerful. I think the entire Cyrus family thrives in this very specific pop-folk-country niche, and I love this sound for Noah. In a family full of stars, she holds her own.

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ROAM – I Don’t Think I Live There Anymore

Every 15 minutes, I say I’m over pop punk… and then I share another pop punk song like the clown I am. But this one’s so fun, how could I resist?? I’ve heard of this band before but I don’t know what genre I thought they were. I didn’t know they were this and now I feel dumb for missing out. I actually really like them. Listened to this song twice and immediately started looking at album bundles (Smile Wide is out this week!) and tour dates. Clown.

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Banks – Alaska

I’ve been listening to Banks’ new album obsessively (which I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before). But as many times as I listen, somehow my addiction to “Alaska” is even worse. She says she came up with the melody to this song in a dream and that it’s something she couldn’t have consciously come up with… and it’s honestly SO COOL that she came up with it at all and SO DEVASTATING that even while unconscious, she’s better than me at everything.

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Rex Orange County – Loving Is Easy

This song is not at all new, but I just rediscovered it after hearing it in LA last October. Every time we drove anywhere, this song would come on shuffle in Taryn’s car and now I associate it with feeling SO relaxed and happy for the first time in years. Maybe this will be new for someone else too (even though it’s two years old), and you can associate your own cool memories with it.

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