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Freshly Squeezed #10 – Exit, Cali Rodi, Malady, and more

After the absolute chaos of October for music releases, November is proving to be much calmer. It’s actually giving me a chance to revisit some of the tracks I missed earlier this year (so you’ll notice that a couple of the tracks on Freshly Squeezed are from late summer/early fall!) However, our inbox is still as full as ever, and the hits don’t stop coming. But when it’s more singles than albums being released, there’s a lot more time for discovery. Here are ten for you to jump into.

Freshly Squeezed is your glimpse behind the veil of what we’re loving right now, regardless of location or genre. Now more than ever, I think artists could use a little extra hyping up, so be sure to let them know if you enjoy something you hear on this playlist!

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Exit – Material

Every time I think we’re maybe moving past the pop punk era, I find another band that makes me hope it never ends. Exit is the best pop punk band I’ve found in a WHILE. This track specifically… if you’ve been listening to “Weightless” by All Time Low for the last decade, throw “Material” into your playlist rotation. A punchy track with a chorus you can’t help but scream in your living room, maybe this is MY weekend that I’ve been waiting for.

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Medusa – Alone with You

Nostalgia-inducing R&B? Yes please. Medusa‘s latest track reminds me of the songs I had on my first iPod in 2006, but it avoids feeling dated or too much like a throwback track. A nice blend of new production with elements that bring me back to a simpler time, “Alone with You” is equally fitting for resting and dancing. I’m likely to take both paths, I highly recommend you do the same.

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Aaron Taos x Saiah – Amnesia

As a long time fan of Aaron Taos, I love anything that involves us getting more music from him. So the Party Favours extended edition of Birthday Boy sounds great to me. The addition of Saiah is what really takes this song to the next level. It’s the exact right balance of 2009 “#1 on Hype Machine” indie pop and 2020 “I could make a Tik Tok dance to this” lo-fi pop. It’s magic.

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Cali Rodi – God Save The Queen

Cali Rodi has been living in my head rent free since August. The story behind “God Save The Queen” involves Cali being chased and accosted by a stranger on the street in broad daylight while bystanders did nothing to help. This song was meant to make her feel strong in a moment when she was vulnerable and shaken. I hope it worked for her, because I’ll be damned if it doesn’t make me feel super powerful in the moments when I need it most.

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Malady – London, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down

Malady have knocked it out of the park with their debut single, showcasing the love-hate relationship they share with London. Reminding me of early 2000s rock bands like Interpol and Bloc Party, “London, I Love You…” captures both the bustling energy of a major city, and the dismay of watching it become something unrecognizable. The first few listens, I enjoyed the music itself and jammed along. Then after focusing in on the lyrics, I realized how much it reminded me of Toronto and started to get a sinking feeling in my chest. I think the song delivered its message perfectly.

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Rook Monroe – Honey

Perhaps the first Greta Van Fleet/Peaceful Army reference in another artist’s song, can we confirm? Rook Monroe has spent a majority of his career writing hits for other artists like The Chainsmokers and Rihanna. This rock-influenced project of his own ties together his remarkable songwriting skills with a sound that feels uniquely his own. Rook’s debut album, Californialand, will be out December 18th and I’m sure it’s bound to be full of earworms like this one.

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Xelli Island – 02 20 20

Xelli Island released her debut EP, Meet Me at the Waterfall, in October. The lead single “02 20 20” stood out to me immediately, providing such a strangely unique soundscape behind her airy vocals. I could maybe describe it as like… if Grimes was from this planet. It’s got so many elements and layers that could be the main attraction, but they somehow mesh together without fighting for dominance over the song. It feels like swimming in a jungle pond. A full body & mind experience.

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ØZWALD – Ph Dean (a codependent love song)

When a band sets out to release two full length LPs every year, that’s a really easy way to set yourself up to release subpar music in a rush. ØZWALD has successfully sidestepped that trap. “Ph Dean (a codependent love song)” will be on their second LP of 2020, For Polly Anna, out December 18th. It’s delightfully lo-fi, feeling like a mix between bedroom pop and… something more psychedelic? It feels like driving down the PCH at 3am when you can’t quite see the vast endlessness of the ocean but you still know it’s there.

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The Dumes – Liquor & High

The perfect modern rock track for your weekend. I’ve been listening to the latest from The Dumes nonstop for weeks, so I can confirm it never gets old. Share it with friends who love alternative, rock, or indie music. Equal parts gritty and glossy, it’s got something for everyone. Finding out this was recorded by Joe Chiccarelli — producer for The Strokes and The Killers — was immediately shocking and then… the most obvious thing in the world. As soon as you know, you can’t un-hear the little similarities.

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Límon Límon – Neon Lights In The Rain

Ending this edition of FS with something that feels very final. Límon Límon‘s latest track is definite “wrapping up the last storylines of the movie” music. The combo of vintage and digital synths stops it from feeling too cold and futuristic. It’s not very often that I feel… comforted by synth pop? But here we are! They’ve released a ton of singles this year that all feel really warm and inviting. Weirdly gives me the feeling like they’re contacting us from the future and letting us know it’s all gonna get better. Weirdly it’s exactly what I need right now.

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