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Freshly Squeezed #12 – Rivals, OK Cool, Boh Doran + more

One year of being trapped in my house means one year since I heard a band live and then went home to listen to everything they’d ever recorded. Now I’m solely relying on blogs and other music sites for that rush. If Banded or Buzzkill shares something new, I sit down and I listen. I hope that Soft Sound Press can be that connection to new music for you too. With the number of submissions we’ve been getting lately, sharing eleven tracks with you at a time doesn’t seem like enough any more! So don’t be surprised if the next edition is longer now.

Freshly Squeezed is your glimpse behind the veil of what we’re loving right now, regardless of location or genre. Now more than ever, I think artists could use a little extra hyping up, so be sure to let them know if you enjoy something you hear on this playlist!

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When a band says their jam sessions are fuelled by Dr Pepper, I already know I’m going to love them. And when they sound like a combo of two of Ontario’s best Royal Mountain Records exports — Hollerado and PUP — it’s even better. Dude, My Dude are indie rock at its best, combining the feeling of being at a school dance in Pretty Little Liars and a sweaty basement venue that definitely doesn’t meet health code standards anymore. And listen, there are always moments in our lives where we’d feel better to just yell “god I’m such a loser, I’m such a fucking loser” at the sky. Having a song with those lyrics playing in the background will make it a lot less awkward for anyone who overhears.

Rivals – Alkaline

Rivals has got to be reading my mind because “Aklaline” combines like… everything I’ve loved about songs, past and present. A dash of mid 2010s electro-focused metalcore. A female vocalist who can BELT. A chorus that starts out ominously quiet and then turns into a perfect moment for the wall of death to collide. Truly I would never ask for more, this song has everything. And to make it better, it’s the latest single off their upcoming album… and with five singles out, we’ve gotta be getting close to release day. I’m circling it in red on my calendar as we speak.

Nik De – Money

When that chorus drops, I’m transported back to the good days of being a 1975 fan during the self-titled heyday. Nik De is like sunshine in a bottle, but that VOICE?? It’s so smooth like velvet, but so unexpected. The depth in the verses left me in shock when the falsetto appeared in the chorus. “Trying to find the things that make me feel alive until I’m satisfied” is probably my favourite lyric in this song, and also my mission for the last year. Maybe what I’m looking for is money, or maybe it’s “Money”.

OK Cool – Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique

A song about not wanting to be perceived? And a video starring Razor scooters?? Finally, I’ve found my people. OK Cool are more than OK and definitely Cool with their perfect encapsulation of indie rock. I don’t know how to describe that classic DIY indie band guitar tone, but it makes me feel like I’m young and alive again. Their upcoming EP is out on March 26th and I cannot WAIT to hear it all.

Josh Fudge – FEEL LIKE

With the combos of in-your-face synths, acoustic guitars, smooth vocals and warm bass tones, this song from Josh Fudge is poppy and energetic while still holding an undertow of warmth and safety. Something about that bass line just feels so comforting while everything else tells me I’m at a party. These beachy vibes are perfect for welcoming the warm weather that’s on the way.

Lexi Jayde – Newbury Park

Just released today, Lexi Jayde has created a perfect “fuck you” track to one sided relationships. It’s indie pop in a similar vein to Olivia Rodrigo’s recent heartbreak track, “Driver’s License,” but with a little extra bite to it that I really appreciate. I wish I had this song in 2018 when I needed to blast it and remind myself I deserved better and could take care of myself. Thankfully, no one going forward will need to wish for this song. It’s already here. Lexi shared a bit about where this track came from:

The song is about meeting halfway in a relationship. I wrote this song after devoting so much time driving in rush-hour traffic, getting all dressed up, paying for gas, to see some guy in LA who didn’t show any support back. It was tough. I had moments where I couldn’t look at my bed or listen to certain songs because they just reminded me of that experience. I think it’s so important to feel mutual chemistry in any relationship.

Scoobert Doobert – Don’t Know Much

Picture a movie opening and the anti-hero wakes up late and starts rushing to start his journey (wherever he may be going and whatever he may be doing). This Scoobert Doobert song is what’s playing in the background, guaranteed. It’s got that energy of the city streets and a heartbeat that makes it feel like its alive in its own right. Listening to it makes me want to know what happens next, so I guess I’m going to have to dive into the full SD catalogue this weekend.

Olivia Morreale – Parasomnia

Olivia Morreale is like… electro-jazz?? I mean, technically indie pop, but it’s so jazzy and synthy and unique. There’s a new void in my life that I just found out about, and it has been immediately filled. Her EP, SPACE DREAMS, will be out later this spring and… yeah, that name makes sense. This song feels exactly like a space dream. Instant obsession.

Melpo Mene ft. Russian Red – All Of This Is True

I’ve been sitting on this song since January, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to share it and I feel like this playlist is the one. I’m SUCH a sucker for tracks with male and female vocalists on them, and Melpo Mene and Russian Red have brought us such a magical offering in the form of “All Of This Is True”. Listening to it literally feels like falling through a dream. Melpo offered this explanation behind the track that I thought was fascinating:

“All of our feelings have been felt countless times by the people before us. While we take ourselves quite seriously, ‘… should I give my rose to Bob or Billy?’ ‘am I different from my friends?’ ‘why am I so scattered?’ you can find comfort in the fact that you are dead center exactly what everyone before you was, and everything is under control, maybe even too much so.”

TOLEDO – You Won’t

Everything about this track is absolute bliss. TOLEDO shared some insight into the story behind this track (which I added below). It’s so delightful to listen to, which makes me laugh when I realize the song is about fighting on purpose with someone you love. The harmonies and the serenity of the falsetto chorus are just a whole new level of magical.

You Won’t” is a date night gone wrong. When you know someone intricately, you know which buttons to press to get what you want, and sometimes you want someone to scream at you. It’s easy to pin the problems on the person with the loudest voice, so we wanted to write a song about how you can weaponize silence.

Boh Doran – Cat’s Cradle

Boh Doran is highly influenced by 80s and 90s alternative music, and it absolutely shows in “Cat’s Cradle”. It carries that comforting quality of songs that I’ve kept with me since childhood, but without coming across as dated or out of place in 2021. The perfect mid-tempo song for casual background music that makes your friends stop you mid-conversation to turn up the music and find out who it is. Y’know, once we’re allowed to have casual hangouts again. Boh shared this about the track:

“This song is about figuring out how to play the game of life/and social scenes. How do we follow the rules while deep down feeling like an outcast or even an alien on planet earth.

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