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FRESHLY SQUEEZED #2 – Isaac Dunbar, Bad Flamingo, Aaron Taos + more

I’m always listening to a billion things at once, which can make for some very scattered playlists. For whatever reason, my ten new additions to FRESHLY SQUEEZED all have very similar energy. I don’t know what caused it. I’ve literally got a list of a few hundred songs I want to write about currently and I gravitated to these ones all at once. Slow tempo, big energy. I really love them and I can’t wait for you to listen. Let me know what you end up liking best!

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Isaac Dunbar – woman on the hills

Ugh, I LOVE ISAAC DUNBAR. I featured him on this site for the first time nearly a year ago, and now his first album is out and it’s beautiful. Every track is so incredible, I am stunned they were written by a 16 year old. After you finish listening to “woman on the hills” and inevitably decide you need to listen to more, check out “ferrari” next. And then throw the rest of the album on repeat. And then just keep going.

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Bad Flamingo – Fire

I can’t stop listening to this song. Bad Flamingo sounds like a mix of Johnny Cash, the wild west, and Lindsay Lohan’s band in Freaky Friday. It’s badass and I can’t think of anything else that sounds like this right now. Maybe Orville Peck? But even then, not really. This is just… beyond. Beyond everything. Now in the market for matching suits/masks for me and all my Close Friends on Instagram.

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Aaron Taos – Higher

The beat on this one reminds me of… do you remember the song “Animal” by Miike Snow? I’m having flashbacks to the ninth grade, it’s wild. But Aaron Taos is just… so supremely talented. I love every aspect of his work, as I’ve mentioned here before. I’m praying there’s gonna be a video for this song because I’ve already watched “Bloom” too many times for one person.

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Celeste – Strange

It upsets me just how easily Celeste can break my heart. I feel like I’m sitting in an old jazz bar listening to her while sulking and drinking. It sounds so raw and… live? I feel like she’s in the room with me. And it makes it hurt that much more. Her ​​​​​​​Lately EP is gorgeous as well, if you’re looking to feel something.

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courtship. – Amy, Run For The Hills

courtship. is one of my fave SubmitHub discoveries. They sent me “Guy Stuff” earlier this year and I loved it… and I… might love this song even more? Hard to say. Definitely love this video for the dog content AND how it started asking me questions halfway through instead of showing the lyrics. This is a good track for fans of Tame Impala who sometimes need something less trance-inducing.

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Anna Eisch – Monsoon (acoustic)

This song has the same energy as Halsey’s “Trouble (Stripped)”. Not because they sound similar, but because both insinuate that they are a reworked version of the song but we HAVE NOT HEARD THE FULL BAND TRACK, MA’AM! I sure would like to hear both, just for the sake of having more music from Anna! If this song sounds this good stripped down & live, I can only imagine what other versions may exist out there. I need to know.

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James Barrett – My Anxious Soul

I think this song is so stunning. It’s beautiful all the way through but those falsettos in the chorus just… *chef’s kiss* perfection. And the way the tempo speeds and slows just replicates my anxiety so accurately, I swear I *feel* it. There’s a second single out called “The First Days of July” which I also highly recommend. James is releasing this album (with a really sick vinyl pressing) in October, you can check out the preorders here!

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SEA GIRLS – Closer

I often think about songs as how they’d appear in a movie soundtrack. SEA GIRLS’ new track “Closer” would be the song playing at the high school prom. Some big pivotal moment where the protagonist wins prom queen or finds out her best friend was in love wITH HER ALL ALONGGGGG *cue this song*. And really, isn’t that what we’re all looking for in a song?

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Royal East – My Message

I feel like I have a That’s So Raven flashback every time I start writing the sentence “just wait until the chorus hits” but sERIOUSLY, JUST WAIT. It’s magical. I’m not shocked that Royal East is from Melbourne — Australia’s always a few steps ahead of us so whenever I find something cool… it’s always them or the UK. Don’t you dare skip this song, it starts in one place and then the CHORUS HITS and it just goes ELSEWHERE and I need you to see for yourself.

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Repenter – So Sick

Last but absolutely not least… this song goes WAY too hard. Holly’s energy is out of this world. My brain is telling me to make a playlist that just goes back and forth between this track and Sweet Thing’s “Dance Mother”. Thinking I might go do that if I can peel myself away from this song long enough to have a coherant thought. At the moment, it’s not seeming likely. I am knee deep in “So Sick” and sinking fast.

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