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FRESHLY SQUEEZED #3 – Phoebe Bridgers, Dope Lemon, moodring + more

This month on FRESHLY SQUEEZED, I uh…. finally got around to listening to artists everyone else has been listening to for years. When you’re receiving hundreds of submissions a day, it’s easy to miss music that’s being talked about in the zeitgeist if no one’s in your inbox asking you about it.

But I also did my usual thing and found some new artists I’d never heard of before as well. Hopefully there’s enough variety here for you to find something new that you like (or you can always just haze me for being slow on the uptake).

Follow the playlist:

Dope Lemon – Give Me Honey

I’ve never been a fan of country music, but I seem to be gravitating towards things with a western theme lately? Not quite country… just… western. This track and Bad Flamingo officially need their own playlist because the sound is so specific, and I know there is a niche scenario I’m gonna need this for. The acoustic guitars sound so warm and inviting, and the vocals feel like they’re coming from everywhere at once when you’ve got your headphones in. It’s a whole experience.

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I The Mighty – Cave In

I’ve heard of I The Mighty but I don’t think I’ve ever listened before. From what I saw in the YouTube comments, they’ve gone through a big sonic shift, so maybe I heard them in a past form and haven’t connected the dots? But this popped up on my Spotify Discover Weekly and I was hooked literally immediately. Whatever they sounded like before, I’m glad they sound like this now. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for more of, so I’ll be happy to see them put out some more singles (hopefully soon).

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Phoebe Bridgers – Motion Sickness

I am SO late to the Phoebe Bridgers bandwagon, but I’m really hoping y’all will make some room for me. I’ve listened before really casually, to her solo music as well as boygenius and Better Oblivion Community Center. I don’t know why I never signed my life away to her before! But it’s hers now. I think listening to “Motion Sickness” after learning the story behind it is what really pulled me in. Maybe if you’re living the same mistake I have been (not listening to Phoebe Bridgers), this will be your moment too.

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Remember The Monsters – Sink

This song has such an “iTunes Download Of The Week in 2008” feeling behind it, and I need you to understand what a high compliment that is. I discovered SO many of my fave bands that way. Remember The Monsters feel like they toe that line between being cool enough to be a fun discovery, but commercially appealing enough to find success through being peddled to the masses. Might fuck around and buy this one on iTunes just to complete the experience.

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Orla Gartland – Did It To Myself

This video popped up on my YouTube recommended… which is the only good thing YouTube has done for me in a very long time. What a TRACK. The harmonies? Mixed with the bassline? Wow okay, I have passed away! I plan on diving into her EP from earlier this year as soon as I can, one track is not enough.

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Milkpunch – Where I Belong

Do you ever just miss Weezer circa the blue album? I do. A lot, actually. This song made me feel like I was back in the garage. Even if you’re not looking to fill that particular void, this track is just generally fun and will probably earn itself a spot on a few of your playlists this fall. Try and tell me I’m wrong.

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Canary Gold – Hummingbird

The time signature on this one throws me off every time so I am incapable of singing along… however, it makes me focus and think. It makes me more aware of what I’m listening to and what I’m doing. I never get sick of listening to Canary Gold because even now, I am still trying to wrap my head around the beauty of this track.

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Median – Time Alone

This track reminds me of early Taking Back Sunday, so you know I’m not complaining. Highly recommend watching the video above because it’s fun… if not a little overwhelming. Too much happens in such a short amount of time. I might need to watch it a dozen more times in order to properly register everything going on here. But that gives me more excuses to listen to “Time Alone” on repeat.

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wwoman – Chuchi

Does this song exist perfectly in the space between Tame Impala and Foster The People? Yes, absolutely, and it’s exactly where I want to be. I don’t listen to a huge variety of electronic-based music, but wwoman has quickly joined the ranks. And somehow, the video encapsulates my exact feelings while listening to the song. Convenience stores at night already feel like they exist in an alternate reality, so frolicking around at the behest of the store clerk seems perfect.

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moodring – madness

I’m finishing up this post at 4am and honestly, I forgot to write about this song because I put on the track and then just looped it for 45 minutes. It feels like the type of music that plays at a house party when things are winding down and just the core friend group is left fighting to stay awake before they give up and head off to sleep. It’s still fun and ~vibey~, but it’s subdued. It feels like when you drive in a straight line for too long and go into a bit of a trance and then think “what have I been thinking about for the last 3km??” Except safer, hopefully. Do not listen and drive, maybe.

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