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FRESHLY SQUEEZED #6 – Skott, talker, Francis of Delirium + more

It’s been a minute, but Freshly Squeezed is back. I was assured leading into this year that January/February are a slow time for music releases… and then I watched every single band I’ve ever listened to release something new all at once. My inbox has been so overwhelming that I found myself with a life-threatening case of decision paralysis. Too many things I wanted to listen to in my inbox, so my brain decided I could hear none of them.

Now that I’ve broken the curse and started siphoning through my emails once again, I’ve got 10 new tracks that I think you’re going to love and a lot more on the way.

This edition of Freshly Squeezed also finds us with a brand new Spotify account just for SSP! Be sure to follow this new playlist to get updates on new songs the night before they’re revealed.

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Skott – Midas

Skott combines the best aspects of moody alt pop like Lana Del Rey and catchy lyricism like Tove Lo. I knew this one was special from the first listen, and her new single “Kodak & Codeine” confirms that lightning can strike twice, and infinitely more times I’m sure as she continues rolling out new music.

talker – Suck Up

God, I just love talker so much. She’s incapable of writing a subpar song. Every single has been so solid, and my gut tells me “Suck Up” belongs in the soundtrack to a teen coming-of-age film. Her new EP, Wax, is out this Friday (!!!) and I can’t wait to dive in.

Francis of Delirium – Quit Fucking Around

I was shocked to find out this song was recorded in the drummer’s basement with just the two musicians putting it together. It sounds like it was done in a full studio, so you know we’re dealing with some extremely talented people here. The song is about breaking out of negative thought patterns and finding purpose in life, which feels extra important with the way things are in the world. When it seems like everything around us is crumbling at record speed, it’s nice to have this reminder to snap out of it.

Harina – Insecurities

I loved Harina’s last single “Nothing”, but “Insecurities” is perfect for fans of Ariana Grande’s thank u, next era. It’s got that same energy, but with uh… lyrics that I definitely relate to more (my receipts have never looked like phone numbers, but I do have insecurities). Imagine like… Harina and Lolo Zouaï on tour together?? Hang on, I’m manifesting this.

Jasmïn – Running Away

Jasmïn’s music was described to me as “French alt-R&B” and I truly didn’t know what to expect. Then I found out immediately that I am a huge fan of French alt-R&B. When you see a fancy car commercial and the person is driving while smiling knowingly? This is what I imagine the playing inside of their luxury sedan. It feels so mature and classy, but I still want to shake my ass. The perfect combination.

King Princess – Ohio

Would I die or kill for King Princess? Probably! Highly recommend taking the time to watch the video with this one. She encouraged the crowd to go extra wild at this show to make the video extra crazy by promising to flash them, which explains the ending. Had to go through the comments to figure that one out for myself. But god, I need to hear this song live. I feel my blood pumping faster when I listen to it, which tells me that I know better than to add it to my driving playlist and get my license taken away.

Lennon Stella – Golf On TV ft. JP Saxe

A teacher showed us a video of his friend’s kids singing a Robyn cover in their living room in 2012. Fast forward eight years, now Lennon Stella is one of the most impressive voices in pop music. Have you heard her live? It will absolutely change your life. This new track with JP Saxe is no exception. Imagine possessing this kind of talent?? Truly can’t relate, but it makes me love her even more.

French Alps Tiger – Floor Is Lava

Is the song title not enough to reel you in?? French Alps Tiger are killing indie rock after releasing a grand total of… two singles. It reminds me of if the Ramones released music in 2020. I love how the guitars in each headphone are totally different, I feel like I’m sitting in the middle of the studio while they put the track together. It’s a surreal experience, be sure to listen this way for maximum results.

Elko – You’re Feeling The Same Things

Am I ahead of TikTok on this one? Because I bet that’s where it’s gonna blow up. I don’t often seek out this style of music, just because I don’t know enough about the genre to know where to start. This makes me extra grateful when I’m sent a song like Elko’s. It takes all the guesswork out for me and I just get to enjoy something cool. I am thoroughly enjoying this.

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