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Freshly Squeezed #9 – Kississippi, Nova Twins, Chappaqua Wrestling + more

Everyone sat down and collectively decided that mid-October was the only time to release music. Honestly, I’m not complaining, but my inbox is overflowing with some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time. I’ve been putting together a wider variety of playlists to keep you in the loop on these tracks (like our new New Music Friday playlist!) because it’s impossible to cover everything alone. But for now, let’s dive into eleven of the songs currently stealing my attention.

Freshly Squeezed is your glimpse behind the veil of what we’re loving right now, regardless of location or genre. Now more than ever, I think artists could use a little extra hyping up, so be sure to let them know if you enjoy something you hear on this playlist!

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Kississippi – Around Your Room

Only a few hours old and I already can’t get enough of this song. Something about Zoe’s vocal quality and songwriting makes me feel like she could/should be the alt scene’s Taylor Swift. I would cut these lyrics out of magazine paper and stick them on my dorm room wall for sure, and then post it on tumblr and wait to go viral. And I *would* go viral, because everyone would look the song up and be like “oh my god, Zoe just GETS ME!!” Kississippi announced their signing to Triple Crown Records and a new album on the way in 2021, so we’ve got beautiful things on the horizon.

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Chappaqua Wrestling – The Rift

I’ve never listened to Chappaqua Wrestling before now, but holy smokes. I cannot stop thinking about this song. This BAND! It just creeps into my soul and sits in there wailing. I almost hit my head off the steering wheel at a red light while head banging to this. When I finally make a playlist for all the songs that make me feel like the punks at the Smashing Pumpkins concert in The Simpsons, this is going right to the #1 spot.

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Treasvre – One of Us

As soon as that chorus kicks in with the harmonies… *chef’s kiss* that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. Treasvre only has a few songs for me to dig into online, but I love where this is going already. I started listening while working with only one earbud in and missed half the song the first time around. Learn from my mistakes. Both headphones in, close your eyes, let yourself sink into it.

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closure. – Fragmented

Midwest emo! Everyone’s favourite genre! closure. is holding their own in a strongly represented genre, but what really intrigues me is their origin story. Their plan was to record one EP, and then break up. But they liked writing/playing together and decided to keep going. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of a band planning to break up right from day 1, so I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced a reverse breakup announcement. But after listening to their new album, I agree with their decision. I’m glad this was made.

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A Nobodies Achievement – Stay Scared

I always keep at least one post-hardcore song on my playlists so I never forget where I came from. A Nobodies Achievement would have killed it on the Full Sail stage at Warped Tour. Vocalist, Khoal, wrote “Stay Scared” after finding out he was going to be a father. What would happen to the band? How would he balance supporting a family with work & his life goals? It feels like something we can all connect with this year while debating how to keep working in music without events, and watching everyone get “real” jobs. Well worth a listen.

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Riverby – Smart Mouth

This song isn’t quite new, but the video was just released today! And I’m glad it was, because I totally missed this release while in an isolation funk this summer. Riverby is power pop perfection, describing their new album, Smart Mouth, as “a testament to what can happen when you move with, not away, from life’s ups and downs.” Maybe that’s a message I needed to receive today. Maybe you did too.

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The Envlps – Midnight

Remember when they released the movie Drive and it had the sickest soundtrack? And then they did a special re-release of the movie with ANOTHER sick soundtrack?? If they ever do it again, they should include The Envlps. I can see Ryan Gosling smirking and driving too fast while I listen to this. Equal parts melancholy and confident, this song is a journey.

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Nova Twins – Play Fair

I love the Nova Twins so much, it makes my head spin. The music makes me want to watch Charlie’s Angels (the 2001 one) again, or just kick someone’s ass myself. I miss the days when artists made crazy expensive videos because they knew they’d make the money back off TV play. I appreciate Amy & Georgia’s visuals for both being so over-the-top amazing, but also being exactly what would have reeled my 8 year old self in on MuchMusic.

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Give Me A Reason – Funny

This song falls into a very niche spot in my heart that is always reserved for pop-leaning pop punk. All Time Low, The Summer Set, Bearings… and Give Me A Reason. It’s wholesome, enjoyable, soothing almost. Imagine what this would be like live?? Might put this on tonight and jump up and down on the spot in my room just to feel something.

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My Kid Brother – Daydream

My Kid Brother has been at the top of my “write about this” list for too long. This funky, bluesy, alternative sound is just… fun. It’s just FUN! It brightens my day to hear it. I want them to tour with IDKHOW when this is all over, because the energy of that show would be off the charts. Is it still warm enough for driving around at midnight with the windows down, letting this song fill the night? I live in Canada so… the answer is no, it’s been too cold for weeks already. But I’m prepared for next year.

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Seahaven – Moon

I truly thought I was getting pranked when the ominous posts started going up. Seahaven decided to step in and make sure 2020 wasn’t a total wash, and thank god for that. “Moon” is a beautiful, haunting track that makes me so hopeful for Halo of Hurt. They describe the upcoming album as “astral and eerie, moonlit and menacing” and I’ll be damned if that’s not how I wish people described me. No description has ever left me so excited for an album.

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