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glimmers exemplify finding love within yourself and others on Cluttered Heart

Love is hard, but sometimes music makes it easier. Cluttered Heart, the debut EP from Atlanta based band glimmers, is a beautiful story of self love, relationships and the journey to find something that makes your heart whole. The four track EP takes you through different phases of discovering yourself and learning not only to love yourself and who you are, but taking that and using it to find your person. 

This EP sent me on a rollercoaster of different emotions as I thought about the relationships I currently have in my life and the breakups and messy times I’ve had to go through in order to solidify those relationships. The opening track, “Don’t Tell Me,” is an emotional anthem of discovering you don’t need to be anything other than yourself and to let go of those who try to change you. It’s a powerful opening to a line up of songs that take you through each phase of ending relationships, building new ones and learning to love yourself above all. 

The second track “For Me It’s You” is a fun, upbeat song about falling for someone you’ve known was there all along. There’s something so beautiful about realizing the person you’ve been looking for is someone who has been there supporting you all along, and this song places that picture perfectly in your head as you listen through it. The third track, “Mixed Signals,” is one that I think everyone can connect with. There’s nothing worse than being interested in someone only to have them jerk you around with different signals, and trying to decipher if they’re interested too or just dragging you along. If  you find yourself in this situation currently, this is definitely a song to help you work through it and jam out in the process.

The EP ends with the track “The First Thing.” This was the first song I listened to from this band and it absolutely had me hooked. It’s a fun love song about not being able to get a certain someone out of your head. This song took me back to the first stages of a relationship when your stomach is riddled with butterflies and your cheeks hurt from smiling all the time. On top of having such a cute message, it is also catchy as hell.

Cluttered Heart is a beautiful depiction of the journey we take to find love. The heartfelt lyrics perfectly display so many of the different emotions we go through as we try to find love and build relationships.

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Tia is a small town bartender using her obsession for music as a way to make good tips. She spends most of her money on traveling to shows and purchasing way too much merch. She hopes to spend her life spreading love and music with those who cross her path.

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