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Gold Hand Girls “Women and Music” is your new fave industry podcast

In an industry full of gatekeepers, it can feel impossible to decipher how to get your foot in the door. Even when you seek out educational info, how often does it give you clear instructions? Or how often does it instead say “build connections” like… H O W ?? I am looking for the info between those steps?? Enter the new Gold Hand Girls podcast, “Women and Music”

Alexa Ace and Micayla Chandler are the voices behind the podcast mics, bringing us everything we need to make 2020 a learning year. A year of realizing things, as Kylie Jenner would say. Take this time to figure out what you want and how to get there, and then go for it in 2021, right? They’re interviewing artists, production managers, marketing pros, photographers, and more, so there’s helpful info here for everyone.

I loved their episode with Gurj Bassi, head of Music Marketing & Partnerships at SiriusXM, and it got me amped up about working in music again. Although I’ll be honest, hearing about how she worked with labels when they had “selling CDs in the millions” budgets makes me wish I was born a decade earlier. I got in when we were at “streaming is finally coming to Canada a decade late” budgets. It wasn’t pretty.

the gold hand girls

I originally started following Gold Hand Girls on Instagram in 2016 when it first launched. I loved having the extra dose of girl power on my timeline, especially with a music focus. But would you believe I never realized… they have a whole website?? Interviews, features, and a ton of stuff that I’ll be spending the next weeks catching up on. This listicle about organizations for women in music is definitely worth a read!

Finding a place online to navigate the industry’s gender inequities while also being empowered instead of disheartened is a welcome addition to my timeline. I think it will be for you too. Crossing my fingers that they bring Alli Hagendorf on so I can figure out how to get paid to curate sick playlists. Please, Alli, tell me your secrets.

The Gold Hand Girls have curated a playlist for you to see what they’re listening to while absolutely crushing their 2020 goals. Take a listen below!

Get some extra inspo on your timeline! Follow Gold Hand Girls on Instagram, read their blog, and listen to the Women and Music podcast.

I’m also doing an IG Live interview with Alexa & Micayla on September 30th so be sure to follow both myself & GHG so you don’t miss it!