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Grey McMurray – “Wanting Ways”

This song has been haunting me. Everywhere I go, I hear this song reverberating around in my head. As far as hauntings go, it’s been nice! Can’t complain! Grey McMurray has really created something beautiful with “Wanting Ways” so it could absolutely be worse.

“Wanting Ways” feels like it lives multiple lives in the span of 3:18. It’s got different personalities spread out through the verses and choruses and instrumentals. Whereas some songs take you on a rollercoaster, this track is like… the whole damn theme park.

Grey is a singer, guitarist, and producer from NYC. He’s been in multiple different bands and musical projects, worked with dozens of established acts, and just generally has put his 10,000 hours in towards mastering his craft. His first solo album Stay Up will be released through figureight records in September, and I can’t wait to hear what else he’s got in store for us. If “Wanting Ways” is any indication, there’s some magic waiting for us.

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