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Premiere: Hazel builds the foundation of their empire with “Delude”

I don’t know many bands in my area that are working on building a musical empire quite like Hazel. A new name and identity for the band, visuals made in their own creative house, a foray into the fashion world (but more on that next week…🤫). It’s inspiring to see, especially when the quality of work being served up is so damn good. We’re thrilled to be premiering the video for “Delude” here today on Soft Sound Press!

The different styles of heavy alt rock feel regional, almost like dialects or accents. I can usually pinpoint where a band is from without knowing exactly what’s tipping me off. Niagara-based band Hazel throws me off my rhythm by delivering something that feels so distinctly Northern English. Pulling inspiration from bands like Boston Manor and Bring Me The Horizon, you can feel a different kind of urgency through the guitars. How can drums sound British? God, I really don’t know, but it’s very cool to see. “Delude” is picture-perfect alt rock. Frantic guitars, vocals that can carry the energy or pull us in for an introspective moment, drums that lead the mosh pit. Plus, visuals that feel a little mysterious (and very creatively COVID safe). Kyle Marchant from Nightwell was the man behind the console for this track, and it just adds to an overwhelming amount of great music he’s produced in the last year. I love this match-up.

This is just the start of a whole Hazel/SSP takeover. Today’s the premiere, but tomorrow…. they’re taking over our Instagram for the whole day. I’ve seen the itinerary. There’s an itinerary. Then we’ve got an interview next week along with uh… don’t wanna give away TOO much but… remember I mentioned a foray into fashion? Yeah, more on that next week. For now, just get super acquainted with the beautiful alt rock track you find below.

Watch the video for “Delude”:

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