Holly Humberstone on Soft Sound Press - artist photo by Louis Browne

Interview: Holly Humberstone dazzles on ‘The Walls Are Way Too Thin’ EP

It almost makes you laugh to hear Holly Humberstone explain how she worried her songwriting skills were just a one-time fluke. Once you’ve listened to her music — the effortless way she connects with every feeling you’ve ever had and explains it in better detail than you felt it — it becomes immediately clear that her talents are innate. From uploading her music to the BBC Introducing site in 2019 to selling out shows across the globe in 2021, she’s one of the UK’s brightest rising stars, and she proves exactly why with her new EP, The Walls Are Way Too Thin — out today via Polydor/Darkroom/Interscope.

We started our day today by hopping on Zoom with Holly to talk about the EP, writing with Matty Healy, her tendency to write her best music hungover, and what it’s like going through your big coming-of-age life moments in the isolation of a global pandemic. We’d say “make sure to grab tickets to her upcoming shows” but they’re already selling out so fast… you might have to wait for the next one. We’re sure she’ll be playing arenas by 2022.

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artist photo by Louis Browne

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