In This Moment As Above So Below video still

In This Moment releases captivating video for “As Above, So Below”

In This Moment have unveiled a new video for their latest single “As Above, So Below.” The track comes off their latest album Mother, which was released in March 2020.

The suspenseful “As Above, So Below” features dramatic instrumentals, elongated vocals, and an industrial sound, fused with electronic elements and synthesizers. 

Frontwoman Maria Brink made a statement about the new single:

“We are so excited to show the world the magic we created with handsomedevilspuppets and Jeremy Saffer. It was a challenging time to bring a music video together with everything that’s been going on, so we had to get creative. We are so thrilled with the outcome and that we had to push ourselves out of our box to manifest this video. We feel grateful to collaborate with other artists and to be able to bring ‘As Above, So Below’ to life for all of you. Enjoy.”

Directed by Brink, the video features a series of compelling dark & mysterious visuals. There’s even a surprise twist element within its context.

The opening scene foreshadows the theme of the video: “As above, so below. // What you reap is what you sow. // What you give comes back three fold. // As above, so below.”

A red and white color scheme is showcased throughout the music video – a staple that’s been predominantly used throughout ITM’s imagery. Maria brilliantly captivates with her strong presence and smooth, driving vocal delivery.

In This Moment As Above So Below video still of puppets

Footage cuts between the fierce Maria, adorned in red gloves, submerged in a creamy, milk bath, and shots of the band members performing. However, if you look closely, you will be able to discern that there is something quite off about the performance… it’s the band, In This Moment, in puppet form.

“Just sign on the dotted line (Give me the control) 
He whispered softly (Give me the control) 
You’re crawling inside my mind (Give me the control)
Don’t you fight me.
Watch me, watch me float away
I was never yours to save
It all comes back three fold
As above, so below.”

Underneath the striking visuals, there is a strong message: the song narrates the events that unfold whenever bands sign with a record label and how the company then works to gain profits from the artists they manage. 

The Marionette dolls symbolize the artists, and the puppeteer is the record label that pulls the strings. Unfortunately, this influence can hold a severe cost, taking a detrimental toll on the artists, and resulting in the music losing its soul. Everything turns into a common commodity for sale.

“You sell, they’ll buy. // Don’t feel, just sign. // You sell, they’ll buy. // Don’t think, stay blind.”

The ITM puppets were hand sculpted, stitched, and individually feathered by Han of Handsome Devils Puppets. The company shared an image of the creations on their social media. The artist created these beauties with such meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring every detail was captured in likeness – such beautiful work. 

Final Verdict

 In This Moment continues to cast their bewitching spell upon their audience and manifest powerful works of art with messages of strength, empowerment, and overcoming adversity.

Don’t give in to the forces that threaten to conquer you.

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