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Inhaler rocks out in video for “When It Breaks”

Inhaler shares an adrenalizing performance in the new music video for “When It Breaks,” the band’s recent single out now via Polydor Records.

In the video, the alt-rock quartet experiments with quick, flashy visual effects using different shades of pink. It’s the inverse of using a green screen; instead of changing the foreground’s color, the band members are masked in the effects.

Directed by Douglas Hart and Antony Genn, the video shares similar qualities with “Falling In,” the band’s previous single, which is also directed by Hart and Genn. 

Close-up projections of a turning volume and tone dial are displayed on-screen, as well as a blinking eye. This imagery mirrors the uneasiness and concern the band has felt over the events of 2020. 

“The lyrics and the music communicate the anxiousness of how we were all feeling and still are now a couple months later,” shared the band in a statement. “It’s our interpretation of this strange and imperfect world we’ve come to live in. Things are gonna change and we are gonna be there when they do.”

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