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Is Cobra Starship coming back??

I thought seeing Gabe Saporta on Gossip Girl while finally watching in 2018 would be my final positive Cobra Starship memory, which — he was there for 4 seconds and was given a name, never to be seen or heard from again. I have so many questions. But after a Blue’s Clues parody video, their website being refreshed with a new copyright date, and a scheduled YouTube premiere… my heart is telling me that my favourite electro-pop band heard the world was ending and finally came back to throw the party.

My hands are starting to hurt from holding my fangs up in anticipation, but let’s take a moment to time travel through some of my personal faves. Gotta make sure you brush up on any forgotten lyrics before a reunion tour is announced (shhhh I’m manifesting).

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This was the first track I heard from CS and I thought it was a supergroup. It took me far too long to realize Travie McCoy, Maja Ivarsson, and William Beckett weren’t in the band full time. I was 14! And stupid!

“Guilty Pleasure” feels like the pinnacle of the genre. I’m over emo nights, I want neon scene night. I want to wear my gold American Apparel jacket out in public again. I want to see a grown man wear shutter shades and a tank top as a “going out” outfit.

The thing with “Kiss My Sass” is that we all knew someone named Katie/Katy/Kati, and this was their theme song. Maybe it still is. It definitely still should be.

Listen… this was a good song… a great song even… but it’s even better now with the context of B.o.B. being a flat earther. The world will never do what? Be round? Idk.

This one feels extra nostalgic for some reason. Maybe it’s the use of vests as a casual accessory. Maybe it’s knowing Ryan Ross is in the bunny suit. The first 30 seconds didn’t age well, but such is the disaster of the aughts.

Ending with a classic. I sang this song at 17 with the conviction of a girl who wasn’t straight-edge and had ever stayed out past curfew. Hearing it now still makes me feel like I’m going to show up to a high school party and see people publicly making out while everyone else gasps and points. The good old days.

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