James Barrett press photo 2020 (credit to @bedfordtowers)

James Barrett returns with a love song in 2020. It’s called “Love Song in 2020.”

2020? Objectively a terrible year! Good things seem to have a quota of one event per quarter. However, it looks like we may have a second one in Q4 (we love to over-achieve). James Barrett has released his new single and it’s my favourite song he’s ever written. “Love Song in 2020” is available now via Honest Face Records.

I’ve been unintentionally flinching every time I hear a song that’s too on-the-nose with references to the tumultuous events of the past year. First off, I’m still living in it. Hearing songs starkly explaining the events and not the feelings only makes my general malaise more…. malaise-y. James strikes the perfect balance by referencing details that cause the pain — “it’s hard to find security when fabric hides our ability to smile back” — without rubbing it in my mask-covered face. The song captures the uncertain feeling, the longing for more, the flood of emotions threatening to break the dam… all without losing that James Barrett spark. Truly such a special musician, and one of the relevant songs from this year that I’ll be going back to forever.

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