JayWood on Soft Sound Press - photo by Carly Boomer

JayWood invites us on an all-inclusive mental getaway with ‘Some Days’ EP

Now more than ever, I appreciate an album or EP that can transport me into another world. A collection of songs that can make me forget where I am and what’s going on, take me somewhere different for a little mental vacation. JayWood released his Some Days EP through Royal Mountain Records and Captured Tracks at the end of April, the sonic equivalent to a backpacking trip across Europe, and my mind has been out of office ever since.

A quick listen of five songs for a quick trip out of our current lives. And a trip it is, indeed. A little psychedelic, a little funky, a little bedroom pop and a little indie. It takes you on a journey through dozens of feelings, giving you just enough time to enjoy this stop before hopping another train to the next destination. The feeling of floating through “Some Days”. The heartfelt Stars vibes on “Dreams”. The driving bass line on “What You Do To Me”. Is it weird that I feel more productive for absorbing so many styles and influences in such a short listen? Capitalism has broken me… a conversation for another day.

This is JayWood’s Some Days EP. This is a Canadian line to moving, introspective psychedelic indie-funk. Please stand clear of the doors.

Watch the video for “Some Days” from JayWood’s new EP:

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