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Jenny Kern channels personal growth & acceptance on “Coming Back For Me”

If you’re an avid listener of Maggie Rogers or Phoebe Bridgers, I’m almost positive you’ll love the musical and vocal style of Jenny Kern’s latest release, “Coming Back For Me.” Driven by hard-hitting, emotional lyrics and instrumentation that continues to build throughout the song, this track demands your full attention in order to appreciate the ever-changing sounds and emotions.

Jenny Kern may be a familiar name to some, due to the success of her debut EP in 2019. The Canadian singer, now based in Brooklyn, New York, began playing small, but well-known venues in the city in 2018 while she was in the process of recording the EP. Her debut single, “Slow Burn,” received national attention via radio stations, Spotify playlists, and was featured on some major TV networks. Kern is known for her deeply personal and emotional lyrics about her experiences and continuously pours her heart into every track she releases, including her first single of 2021, “Coming Back For Me.”

Upon first listen, it definitely sounds like a ‘cry on your bedroom floor’ type of song, and while it is undoubtedly a sad song, there is a sense of hope that emerges by the end of the song. The lyrics seem to tell a story of personal growth and accepting a situation for what it is. The melancholy piano and guitar plucking that open the song evolve into a more upbeat synth pop sound, potentially symbolizing the realization and acceptance of the way things have played out. The slight layered effect on Kern’s vocals add to the atmospheric and dreamy sound that remains constant throughout the entire song. This track also plays with the idea that a song can be both sad and empowering at the same time, which can be a difficult balance to maintain.

Jenny Kern manages to tell an entire story that transforms from heartbreak, to realization, to moving on in a matter of three minutes. Storytelling lyrics and unique instrumental sounds that accompany them perfectly is just about all you could ask for in a song.

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